INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DUTY SCHEDULE ~ ALL WELCOME--For anyone with an interest in serving in any of the capacities listed below, please contact the Worship Committee or Holly Stevenson, 685-9005, hollystv@hotmail.com.  We welcome your involvement in the life of our church.

5/5/19—Ushers: Doug Stevenson and Taylor Stevenson.   Greeter:  Elsie Dragonetti. Acolyte:  Julieta Peralta.  Worship Leader and Liturgist:  Connie Irland.  Welcomer: Judy Danielson.    Flowers:  Gloria Ladd.    Nursery Attendant:  Anna Ryerson. 

 5/12/19—--Mother’s Day--Ushers:  George and Elsie Dragonetti.   Greeters: Kathryn Soderberg and Bahar Uttam.   Acolyte: Annah Rothe.   Worship Leader and Liturgist:  Denise Boothby.    Welcomer:  Barb Rothe.  Flowers:  Hazel Stevenson.    Nursery Attendant:  Barb Rothe.

 5/19/19--- Ushers:  Ken Foss and Mike Ladd.    Greeter:  Gloria Foss.  Acolyte:  Adney Boothby.  Worship Leader and Liturgist:  Kathryn Soderberg.   Welcomer:  Emily Clifton.   Flowers:  Elsie Dragonetti.   Nursery Attendant:  Margaret Lane.

 5/26/19 --UshersPaul Bright and Tom Fylstra.  Greeter:  Alice Robinson.   Acolyte:  Grace Bachelder.   Worship Leader and Liturgist:  Margot Gyorgy.   Welcomer:   Holly Stevenson.    Flowers:  Rita Bright.  Nursery Attendant:  Megan Bachelder. 

 6/2/19—UshersTammy and Jay Lindsey   Greeter:  Jeanie Dorson.   Acolyte:  Julietta Peralta.   Worship Leader and Liturgist:  Amanda Peralta.   Welcomer:   Mike Ladd.    Flowers:   BetteJeanne Townsend.  Nursery Attendant:  Holly Stevenson.

 6/9/19---Ushers:  Ken Foss and Debbie Craig..    Greeter:  Megan Bachelder.  Acolyte: Annah Rothe.  Worship Leader and Liturgist:  Linda Kindig:  Welcomer:   Jim Van Cott.    Flowers:  Gloria Ladd.    Nursery Attendant:  Amy Griswold.