INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DUTY SCHEDULE ~ ALL WELCOME--For anyone with an interest in serving in any of the capacities listed below, please contact the Worship Committee or Holly Stevenson, 685-9005, hollystv@hotmail.com.  We welcome your involvement in the life of our church.

10/6/19 – Holy Communion--Ushers:  Doug Stevenson and Taylor Stevenson.   Greeter: Emily Clifton.   Acolyte:  Adney Boothby.   Worship Leader and Liturgist:  Margaret Lane.   Welcomer:   Barb Rothe.    Flowers:  Rita Bright.  Nursery Attendant:  Megan Bachelder. 

10/13/19--- Ushers:  Charley Bonney and Peter Ault.    Greeter:  Nan Lincoln.  Acolyte: Annah Rothe.  Worship Leader and Liturgist:  Doug Stevenson.  Welcomer:   Judy Danielson.    Flowers:  Debbie Craig..    Nursery Attendant:  Judy Danielson. 

10/20/19—-Laity Sunday--Ushers: Tom Cook and Paul Bright..   Greeter:  Jan Cook.  Acolyte:  Julieta Peralta.  Worship Leader and Liturgist:  Connie Irland     Welcomer:  Margaret Lane.    Flowers:  Gloria Foss..    Nursery Attendant:  Holly Stevenson.

10/27/19--Ushers:  Tom Fylstra and Debbie Craig.   Greeter:  Aaron Chrostowsky. Acolyte: Carolina Bachelder.   Worship Leader and Liturgist:  Linda McKee.   Welcomer: Mike Ladd.   Flowers:  Nan Lincoln.    Nursery Attendant:  Carolina Bachelder.

11/3/19---All Saints Sunday-- UshersLloyd Irland and George Dragonetti.    Greeter:  Norma Boothby.  Acolyte:  Adney Boothby.  Worship Leader:  Holly Stevenson.  Liturgist:  Lincoln Ladd.  Welcomer:  Holly Stevenson..   Flowers:  Sharon Bonney.   Nursery Attendant:  Sue Spalding.

11/10/19--- Ushers:  Charley Bonney and Hobie Ellils.    Greeter:  Pat Ellis.  Acolyte: Annah Rothe.  Worship Leader and Liturgist:  Linda Kindig.  Welcomer:   Barb Rothe.    Flowers:  Judy Danielson.    Nursery Attendant:  Megan Bachelder. 


Sermon Titles:

May 19 – “The Power of the Tongue”

May 26 – “This Is a Great Sermon” (Memorial Day Sunday)

June 2 – “Through Your Looking Glass” (Children’s Day/Graduation Sunday)

June 9 – “You Raise Me Up” (PENTECOST – Wear red!)

June 16 – “God and Golf” – (* UNLESS Rev. George Dole preaches!) (Fathers’ Day Sunday)

June 23 – “Good-bye, Farewell, and Amen”