Sunday Sermon Titles:

February 17 – “My Story: Amazing Grace”

February 24 – “The Makings of a Saint: Mother Teresa”

March 3 - “The Snare of the Shortcut” Holy Communion will be served. Sermon title may change because of the Bischop’s message about events at the General Conference. Reverend Ruth will be sharing her personal experiences with Mother Teresa

during the Coffee Hour, which will be held immediately following the

worship service.

March 10 - Founder’s Sunday, “Meet Mr. Lee” (A dialogue sermon featuring

Aaron Chrostowsky as Jesse Lee.

March 17 - “Arthritis of the Soul” (in honor of St. Patrick)

March 24 - “A Favorite Mistake Smart People Make” (Part One)

March 31 - “A Favorite Mistake Smart People Make” (Part Two)

April 7 - “A Lenten Hymn Sing” (featuring the background stories of our most

loved hymns). Holy Communion will be served.

April 14 - The Palm Sunday Pageant, “The Littlest Donkey”

April 21- Easter! “Nothing to Fear”

April 28 - “In the Face of Failure”

May 5 - “My Name is Ruth”

A note from Ruth Merriam, Rev. Dr.

One of the inventions for which I am most grateful is the thermostat. Throughout these frigid cold days, imagine what life would be like if all we had were thermometers? Those thermometers would be recording bitter cold temperatures, but all the while, we would have no way to counteract the frigid blasts. We’d be at the mercy of every icy breeze that came our way. But thankfully, we do have thermostats and we are at liberty to choose the temperatures at which we feel most comfortable. This past week, I was thinking about churches in this same light. We have two types; we have thermometer type churches – and we have thermostat type churches. Thermometer types are continually at the mercy of their circumstances. If a big need arises, you may as well look in the opposite direction, because ‘the mercury’ is not going to rise. Nothing is going to happen to change anything! Yet, on the other hand, thermostat churches can choose to rise to the need that’s before them. And that is precisely what the Wayne Community Church did on “Make a Change” Sunday (December 30, 2018)! The plea went out: “Please, bring us your loose change (or paper!). We want/need to respond to the Conference’s call for Apportionments.... And the church DID! The sum total of the collection? $1,581.00!!! How exciting it is to be part of this incredible ‘thermostat’ church! Thanks be to God!