Sunday Sermon Titles- See the sermon link on the worship page to listen to the sermons!

July 28- Kissing Cows

July 21- Unconventional Hospitality

July 14- BE Mercy

July 7- Welcoming Sunday for Rev. Angela Rotherham

June 30- “Love in the Time of Change” Transition Sunday, message by Margaret Flowers Lane

June 23 – “Good-bye, Farewell, and Amen”February 17 – “My Story: Amazing Grace”

June 16 – “God and Golf” – (* UNLESS Rev. George Dole preaches!) (Fathers’ Day Sunday)
June 9 – “You Raise Me Up” (PENTECOST – Wear red!)

June 2 – “Through Your Looking Glass” (Children’s Day/Graduation Sunday)

May 26 – “This Is a Great Sermon” (Memorial Day Sunday)

May 5 - “My Name is Ruth”

April 28 - “In the Face of Failure”

April 21- Easter! “Nothing to Fear”

April 14 - The Palm Sunday Pageant, “The Littlest Donkey”

April 7 - “A Lenten Hymn Sing” (featuring the background stories of our most

March 31 - “A Favorite Mistake Smart People Make” (Part Two)

March 24 - “A Favorite Mistake Smart People Make” (Part One)

March 17 - “Arthritis of the Soul” (in honor of St. Patrick)March 10 - Founder’s Sunday, “Meet Mr. Lee” (A dialogue sermon featuring

Aaron Chrostowsky as Jesse Lee.

March 3 - “The Snare of the Shortcut” Holy Communion will be served. Sermon title may change because of the Bischop’s message about events at the General Conference. Reverend Ruth will be sharing her personal experiences with Mother Teresa during the Coffee Hour, which will be held immediately following the worship service.

February 24 – “The Makings of a Saint: Mother Teresa”

The WAYNE COMMUNITY CHURCH AUCTION was a big success and fun!
Thanks to Sue and Mike Faulkner and the Auction Team. To David Stevenson for being our auctioneer and to Mike Ladd and Stan Davis for singing! Next year the auction will be held July 10-1

A letter to the Congregation about our transition to a new Pastor:

As you all are aware, Pastor Ruth Merriam will be leaving us on June 23rd and Pastor Angela Rotherham will join us on July 7th.  The Transition Team and other members of the congregation are planning a Farewell Coffee for Ruth and Dick following our service on June 23rd.  We hope as many of you as possible will be able to help us thank them for everything they have done for our church over the last seven months.  A light lunch will be served and Mike Ladd is writing a song in their honor.  We are encouraging everyone to bring a thank you card for Ruth and Dick and, one by one, we will present the cards during the song.  We will have extra cards available on Sunday morning for anyone who needs one.

 Holly Stevenson is organizing gifts for Ruth and Dick.  Anyone who would like to contribute can give a donation to Holly, Hannah Faulkner, or any member of the Transition Team.  We would like to receive donations by June 16th, if possible.

 We are very pleased that Margaret Lane has agreed to give the message at our service on June 30th.  This day is meant as a Sunday of prayer between the leaving and arriving of our pastors, a time for reflection on our ministry, gratitude for those who have lead us over the years, and optimism for our future.

 We are very excited to have Pastor Angela join us on July 7th.  We will have a Welcome coffee for Angela and her husband, Dan, following church.  We are inviting members of the congregation to send Angela and Dan cards welcoming them to our community.  You may mail them to P.O. Box ___ or drop them off in the church office.

Blessings to all, The Transition Team Connie Irland

Denise Boothby, Aaron Chrostowsky, Carol Ladd, Anna Ryerson, Sue Spalding

 A note from Ruth Merriam, Rev. Dr.

June 1, 2019 Meet the New Pastor! Starting on July 1, the Wayne Community Church will be opening wide its doors to welcome both Reverend Angela Rotherham, and her husband, Dan. She has been the officiating pastor at The Brackett Memorial UMC on Peak’s Island for the last seven years. And I couldn’t be more excited about the new appointment! (Wait until you meet her!) Last week, my husband and I visited her ‘on site’ – and this is what I asked her: What do you think you’ll miss most about island living? The fact that we are such a close-knit community – I’ll miss the Saturday morning cribbage games! What will you be happiest to leave? The summer congestion; the masses of people who come off the ferry; the additional cars, bikes, and golf carts! Could you name one accomplishment (at Brackett Memorial) of which you are most proud? Yes! The fact that we, as a congregation, worked long and hard (together!) to achieve our status as a ‘nonconforming congregation’ – which means that we recognize all people, regardless of their gender orientation, as viable candidates for ministry; and also that we honor their marital vows – inside the walls of the sanctuary. And lastly, since you’ve been ordained, what do you find most gratifying about being in ministry? All the opportunities to hear people describe their ‘Aha’ moments – when they see their everyday experiences through the lens of the Spirit...witnessing the personal epiphanies! Rev. Angela Rotherham, welcome to Wayne, Maine! What a blessing you will both be to this community! God love you, Ruth Merriam, Rev.

May 1, 2019 One of the inventions for which I am most grateful is the thermostat. Throughout these frigid cold days, imagine what life would be like if all we had were thermometers? Those thermometers would be recording bitter cold temperatures, but all the while, we would have no way to counteract the frigid blasts. We’d be at the mercy of every icy breeze that came our way. But thankfully, we do have thermostats and we are at liberty to choose the temperatures at which we feel most comfortable. This past week, I was thinking about churches in this same light. We have two types; we have thermometer type churches – and we have thermostat type churches. Thermometer types are continually at the mercy of their circumstances. If a big need arises, you may as well look in the opposite direction, because ‘the mercury’ is not going to rise. Nothing is going to happen to change anything! Yet, on the other hand, thermostat churches can choose to rise to the need that’s before them. And that is precisely what the Wayne Community Church did on “Make a Change” Sunday (December 30, 2018)! The plea went out: “Please, bring us your loose change (or paper!). We want/need to respond to the Conference’s call for Apportionments.... And the church DID! The sum total of the collection? $1,581.00!!! How exciting it is to be part of this incredible ‘thermostat’ church! Thanks be to God!